FAQs for units new to MemberHub 

What is MemberHub?

MemberHub is software made for the PTA. It gives you purpose-built tools to engage families, raise money, and stay in good standing.

What's required of me?

Your state may require all units to use MemberHub to report PTA members, keep PTA officer information up to date, submit good-standing acknowledgements, and remit dues via ACH. But MemberHub is about more than requirements! MemberHub has built-in benefits for PTA leaders, including:

  • Your own online store, including no-contact online membership sales with an electronic membership card in the emailed receipt
  • A full suite of virtual fundraisers so you can raise more money with less work. Auctions, a-thons, crowdfunding, events, and more!
  • Givebacks, our innovative giving program funded by local and national businesses, which we built to help schools and other nonprofits earn year-round passive income. Your supporters (called backers) shop online or dine locally as they normally would at over 25,000 merchants. It's like Amazon Smile for everything that is not on Amazon. 
  • MemberHub Product Fundraisers, an innovative feature that allows you to reward parents with savings while your PTA earns passive funds
  • Communication tools that make it much easier to keep families in the loop and organize volunteers


Why are we changing? The tools we're using are working fine.

We're glad your current system is working for you, and we're sorry for any inconvenience the change has caused. Your state is providing MemberHub to widely & inclusively provide all PTAs with the same level of efficiency and success your PTA has found. MemberHub offers many of the same technologies that you use today, but interconnected to the membership-reporting system to improve accuracy and save time. 

Your state is also providing MemberHub in an effort to make things easier on PTA unit leaders. Managing PTA membership records, compliance tasks and sending and formatting membership cards is a tough and manual process for units. States have found numerous reporting and payment discrepancies across the their organizations, and MemberHub enables more accurate reporting.  

When all units switch to MemberHub, the state PTA can consolidate its member database to better serve the PTA mission. Practically, that means the state is better able to mobilize & advocate on behalf of education and children.

Is this tool only for PTA members?

No, families don't have to be PTA members to use MemberHub. MemberHub makes it easier for all school families, teachers and school administrators to engage with the PTA. You can invite and communicate with everyone in your school community to increase engagement and raise funds. Once you have ongoing communication with non-PTA members in your school community, it's easier to ask them to join and support the PTA.   

What is the cost to use MemberHub?

A MemberHub subscription is normally $500 a year. When your state partners with MemberHub, you get a subscription at no charge.

For transactions in your MemberHub e-store, MemberHub's payment processor charges a standard transaction fee (2.2% + $0.30) on credit card payments, and MemberHub charges a small platform fee (1.3% + $0.20). However, by default, the system passes all fees onto the buyer, and most MemberHub PTAs keep that setting. As a result, MemberHub PTAs get free payment processing, allowing them to keep 100% of the funds they raise in their schools.

What payment processor does MemberHub use?

MemberHub uses Stripe to process all transactions. Stripe is a trusted platform to accept payments online, and handles payments for a variety of purposes, such as donation campaigns, online merchants, events, and more. Here's how to set up your Stripe account.

Do we have to use Stripe?

MemberHub is integrated with Stripe for payment processing. All payments taken through MemberHub will be automatically routed to your PTA checking account, and all transactions will be reported inside your Stripe portal. 

Will PTA members still get a membership card?

Yes! Each person who buys a PTA membership in your online store will get a membership card automatically added to his or her user profile, as well as an electronic membership card with their emailed receipt.

Are there privacy settings?

Yes. Only people who are approved can get into the site. As a PTA administrator, you have complete admin control and can give control to only those you want. Parents can manage all personal information and notification settings to be as public or private as they want.

Is this FERPA-compliant?

Because each user “opts in” to MemberHub, this maintains compliance with FERPA standards.

How do I log in?

Head to app.memberhub.com/login and click on "Create or claim account." Then enter your name, email, create your password, and click "Sign up." Check your email for a confirmation, confirm your account, and you're set!

How do we get all our families into the system?

There are a few simple ways to add people to MemberHub. You can provide a link to your Site Joins page via email, paper or text. You can also manually add people or import an Excel file of contact information. To import members, contact your state PTA office.

How much/what kind of communication will go directly to PTA members via MemberHub access?

MemberHub doesn’t communicate directly with PTA members. We only reach out to site admins about features, products, and services in MemberHub.

MemberHub never sells membership lists or shares any personally identifiable information, and all membership lists are property of the state PTA. Please see MemberHub’s terms of use and privacy policy for more information.

Are security measures in place to protect member data and financial data?

MemberHub takes every commercially available opportunity to maintain the privacy and security of member data and financial information. Stripe, MemberHub’s payment processor, uses bank-level security to protect financial information. See MemberHub’s privacy policy and Stripe's privacy policy.