Givebacks (formerly Mem is software designed for PTAs. It gives you a full suite of fundraisers, your own online store, all the communication tools you need, a contact database and much more! Through your state PTA's partnership with Givebacks, you get an account at no charge ($500 annual value)! 


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What's the benefit?

The $500 annual value of the site that you are getting for free through your state is just the start. You'll keep more and work less with Givebacks' tools. Best in class fundraisers, communication tools, an automatically updating contact database, and more!


How to get started

Check your Givebacks welcome email to log in, activate your account, and claim your PTA's custom domain name. Then follow the onboarding fast-track or check out your Welcome package for more information.

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Best-in-class support

Our customer success reps are all PTA leaders & power users - and they're here to help you! Attend a training workshop on different features in Givebacks, or visit Givebacks Help Center for guides & FAQs.


Here are some of the most popular features.

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Create amazing fundraising experiences in minutes

With your free Givebacks account, you'll be able to run raffles, a-thons, events, crowdfunding campaigns, auctions, sweepstakes and more, with a live or virtual audience. These are all included with your account. You'll keep more, work less, and get expert help from end to end. There are NO setup fees, and you can keep almost 100% of what you earn. You can choose between free or percent-pricing options for your fundraisers.

It's easy to do! Set up a quick zoom call with one of our customer success reps, and you'll be up and running in minutes. Or if you prefer to do it yourself, step-by-step guides walk you through building amazing experiences. Once you've launched your fundraiser, it's easy for your supporters to participate and donate. Your supporters can give from any device by browser, text-to-give, and Apple Pay/Google Pay.

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Your PTA's own online store

Easily sell spirit wear, event tickets, and PTA memberships in your online store. Create custom and bundled memberships that make excellent "no-fuss" fundraisers and grow membership.

When you use your online store to sell PTA memberships, membership info is automatically reported to your state, and members get an electronic membership card in their emailed receipt. That means less admin work for you with less manual reporting & cash and check payments.

Easily collect donations in your store -- and even let shoppers name their own price. Givebacks features flexible fees settings, so most PTAs pass transaction fees onto the buyer to keep 100% of the funds they raise in their schools.

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Online store

Use Givebacks to Raise Passive Funds

Givebacks is a giving app funded by 40,000 local & national businesses.

  • Your supporters (called Backers) can shop at over 40,000 stores to earn up to 10% cashback for themselves - to keep or donate to your PTA.

  • Up to 1% of every purchase is automatically
    donated to your PTA - at no cost to your backers or PTA!

  • It's easy! Your backers just download the browser extension and shop as they normally do - no coupons, vouchers, or starting from an app.

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Tools that make it way easier to engage families & grow membership

Keep families in the loop with email and text capabilities, and the ability to communicate with targeted groups of people (called hubs), such as specific classrooms, grade levels, and even schoolwide. You'll get access to an easy drag-and-drop editor to create beautiful and professional-looking newsletters. You'll see engagement performance for your emails, with stats like open rates. 
When you import all school contacts into Givebacks, you'll have a reliable, accurate system of record for communicating with all families during the year. And your contact list will grow automatically. Any time supporters make a purchase in your online store or donate to a fundraiser, they'll be saved in your contacts. It's a huge time-saver for our PTAs. You'll also get the functionality of many point solutions that you may be cobbling together today: Calendars, signups, file-sharing, and directories.
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Throw away the PTA binder!

Any volunteer who's been handed a giant binder, a stack of papers or - worse - nothing at all to learn his or her new job as a PTA leader understands the value of creating a record of activity in Givebacks.

Your PTA should start NOW! Simply by using Givebacks, your PTA will create:

  • An up-to-date directory for simple & effective communication
  • A record of emails you sent, so the next communications chair automatically knows what to do
  • Historical audit & tax documents for new treasurers
  • A set of fundraising activities and best practices to benefit the school

Next year's leaders with thank you for leaving a legacy -- and leaving them everything they need to make next school year a success. 

MemberHub takes the guesswork out of PTA compliance

It's easy to stay in good standing, with automated dues remittance, membership reporting, and easy good-standing acknowledgements.

Eliminate manual membership reporting with spreadsheets when you sell PTA memberships online in MemberHub. The state automatically gets the information.

You can also remit dues to the state with one click via ACH, instead of dealing with cash, checks, and multiple trips to the bank.
Easy to stay in good standing


Here's what our PTAs are saying.


"We needed a more effective way to communicate with parents. We were using so many different tools, all cobbled together. It was incredibly confusing for our parents — and difficult for our PTA to know who was getting what information. Now, everyone gets our emails and we have a 60% open rate.”

— Holly H., McKinley Elementary School


”What I love the best about MemberHub is that I don't have to run into school constantly to pick up checks and order forms for Science Olympiad, chess or any other after-school program. Parents are taking care of orders, signups, and payments themselves.” 

— Lori L., Thornton Creek Elementary PTA


"With previous A-Thon events events raising $9,000 we set a fundraising goal of $10K. Our [MemberHub] website was live for just two weeks leading up to the event and we raised over $28K for our school! Our site was viewed over 600 times with over 500+ donors. The ability to share a link or send an email to friends and family out of state was a huge success."

— Karen G., Illinois

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